The Importance of Trade Shows as a Marketing Tool

Trade shows are an important tool that businesses are using to market their products and services. With advances in internet technology and social media marketing like webinars, video conferencing, and Google hangouts the value of trade show marketing comes up. Below are top reasons why businesses should include trade shows in their marketing strategy.

trade shows are a marketing tool

1. Trade shows develop and strengthen your brand.
Trade shows promote a company’s brand, trust, and reputation in the market. A company that affords presence at leading events and conventions is considered serious and reliable enough. By using trade shows strategically, they position your brand as established in the market.

2. Build partnerships and find more clients.
Trade shows create and strengthen partnerships and industry relations. They add significant value to your business, beyond reaching clients and prospects. They are an opportunity to renew alliances with partners and interact with buyers. Exhibitors get the chance of meeting their customers, where they can reveal new products and provide more information about existing products, this strengthens their relationship with customers. Face to face interaction with prospects influences their decision.

3. Trade shows create a long-lasting impression.
Tradeshows main purpose is showcasing products and providing an opportunity for businesses and clients to interact with each other. Well-designed exhibitions with giveaways, promotional items, and contest opportunities leave prospective clients with a lasting impression. Using a tradeshow where attendees are required to complete an action on social media or submit a business card increases engagement and helps in capturing potential contact information.

4. They have a high lead generation potential.
Major trade show marketing events and conventions have massive attendance and followings from different countries. Every attendee in an exhibition is a potential lead that should be converted into a client. Linking QR codes to lead generation pages and social media accounts and asking for attendees contact information are great ways of getting leads. After trade shows, contact them and follow up potential buyers.

trade show in an expo center

5. They result to direct sales opportunities.
Trade show marketing focuses on a specific niche, market product or service. Exhibitions at popular trade shows increase your exposure to an interested audience that can purchase your products or services. Bringing some sales products at the show gives an opportunity to generate sales; ensure you have your latest products or a wide variety of products that customers can choose from.

6. Cost-effective Networking, Promotion, and Advertising.
Trade shows come with costs for traveling, renting show space, and designing an attractive trade show booth. However, with some pre-show marketing work and events leading up to the show, these marketing events offer your business a potential that exceeds the investment costs by far. Showcasing your business at trade shows comes with larger initial expenses, but the cost of converting prospects into sales is much lower compared to other marketing alternatives. With proper planning, trade shows and exhibitions are the most cost-effective and productive source of leads and sales.

7. Trade Show Marketing levels the marketing field
Large multinational corporations and locally owned small businesses in trade shows have access to common attendees. This allows beginning and unknown businesses to generate a high number of leads and sales that is certainly impossible through other marketing channels. They are of significant value to all businesses despite their size.

By combining the personal level of interaction with prospects and exposure to large numbers of potential leads, trade shows offer a marketing experience that is almost impossible with other forms.

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